Show Your Support  for Former Winooski City Manager Joshua Handverger

Winooski City Manager Joshua Handverger was unfairly terminated September 30, 2008 by a vote of 3-2  after a public hearing at a city council meeting.  He was not afforded the same rights given to Chief Steve McQueen and was not treated as innocent until proven guilty.  As many of you know, Joshua was out of town observing a religous holiday with family on the day of the public hearing.  He was not given the 15 day preparation time that was his right in the Winooski City Charter.  His attorney was not present and over objections of 2 council members, the council proceeded against the city charter.  You can view the city charter at under the mayor and council tab under charter.   Please show your support of our Former City Manager by sending an email including your name, and any message of support to  Ask the council to reconsider the process by which they went about removing Joshua and afford him the rights guaranteed him by the city charter.   All Emails will be kept confidential until presented to the city council and the Secretary of State.  My apologies for changing the site around, but this is a heated issue and using the blog wasn't working.  All comments posted in support of Joshua Handverger were printed before the blog was shut down.  Thank you.